At Last

Nathaniel & Taylor

Engagement Picture

"For seven days leading up to 11/23, I gave Taylor a photo of somewhere special to us and asked her, "Do you remember when...?"

Two weeks prior, I told her we had a premarital counseling session at Gateway. When we arrived Saturday morning, I told her to put on a blindfold and walked her to the garage. My best friend played our song as we danced and whispered the lyrics to one another. Though she couldn't see, forty of our closest friends and family were watching us, and we were being filmed by a five-person camera crew.

As the song was ending, I took her outside of the garage. While the door was being lowered, I took off her blind fold and turned her around. On the door was 1,800 photos I had taken over the past four years of our relationship.

Meanwhile, I took out the ring from my back pocket, hit a knee, opened the box, and said, "Taylor, I want to have a lifetime of 'do you remember whens' with you. Will you marry me?"

After a moment of shock, she said yes, and the garage door reopened revealing our friends and family who cheered us on.

Inside the garage was a museum of all the memorabilia we had collected from our adventures, grand plans, holidays, and milestones. We got to relive some of the highlights of our past four years.

I love you, Taylor. I am so lucky to have you as my fiance. And I can't wait for the many more years of 'do you remember whens'."