Jimmy: the boy behind the mustache...

disguiseJimmy Woods is a complicated young man, with ambitions too strong for words. Although he is still mourning the loss of his sister and is mostly mute, you can see he is also your everyday, average boy. Here are some of his favorite phrases:

What an attitude, amiright? After the Jennifer tragedy, Jimmy really liked to build things. Some of those closest to him liked to believe they meant something. Often, Jimmy would be seen building monuments with styrofoam bricks or popcorn boxes.

Although Jimmy is an amazing gamer, he isn't prideful. He likes to keep to himself and prefers not to cause a scene. For example, when his brother, Corey, wanted to leverage Jimmys skills for some quick cash, Jimmy just walked away. You see, he's not about the frills and honor. He's all about the game. Here are some of Jimmy's favorite games and foods:

Video Game Food People
Super Mario Brothers 3 Hostess Cupcakes Jennifer
Double Dragon Popcorn Corey
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casserole Haley
Super Mario Brothers (the original) Jello His Father
Ninja Gaiden Cereal His Mother

The Games

If you're interested, here's a .pdf list of all the Nintendo games Jimmy had to memorize and know. Remember, that includes all the secrets and special tricks. Here it is!